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Initially a week ago when I decided to come up with a top ten list of metal cover songs I was stuck with 200+ cover songs in my playlist itself, it was one hectic job to complete, So keeping aside my emotions on Mainstream and Underground I tried to touch every genre in my reach (except power metal) .

This list is purely based on my opinions and is not in any specific order but do comment and tell us what’s your favorite and how you place them in your top ten. ENJOY!!

10. Freezing moon original by MAYHEM covered by WITCHSORROW

Adding freezing moon by Behemoth or Vader or maybe Nargaroth can be very easy for me but at the 11th hour I was mindfucked by this cover by the doom giants of England “Witchsorrow“.

Those familiar with Mayhem and Dead know the sinister stories related to this black metal masterpiece and Witchsorrow by slowing down the pace into more Doom kinda form managed to add more melancholia to it though I consider this song more of a calling and nothing but clean vocals in this 2013’s release De Mysteriis Doom Sabbathas.

9. Beyond Trendkill (Great southern trendkill+ Strength beyond Strength) original by PANTERA covered by UNDYING INC

It’s hard for me to put this in words what a charm Undying has put in this tribute cover of Great southern trendkill+ Strength beyond strength or “Beyond trendkill” adding a sense of complete breathlessness with inhuman vocals of Shashank Bhatnagar in 2014’s release Ironclad. This is one such track you can’t afford skipping.

8. Depression original by BLACK FLAG covered by PIG DESTROYER

I always believed in a bridge between punk and grindcore and to be honest this is one of those covers which proves it!

Black flag’s Depression which is considered as an all-time classic punk track with mind fucking aggression of Pig Destroyer, this is for you in 2012’s release Book Burner.

7. Painkiller original by JUDAS PRIEST covered by DEATH

Sad but true, do you remember trying to sing along with Rob Halford?  But you know right?! You can be Batman but not Rob FUCKIN Halford, I would have never believed that someone can do a cover of “Painkiller” somewhat as good as Rob but then on a day I found this cover by Death in their 1998’s release “The Sound of Perseverance“.

6. No remorse original by METALLICA covered by CANNIBAL CORPSE

No matter what you think of Metallica but you can’t deny this one piece of fuckin music made by God himself “Kill’ em all“, internet is full of shitty covers of Metallica but this cover of “No Remorse” in 2002’s limited edition of Gore Obsessed sets out like it was made to be a death metal track, with every second passing by you realise how it is a pure work of guitar and bass. This is for all those chaps who think Corpsegrinder can’t sing!

5. Black Sabbath medley original by BLACK SABBATH covered by CANDLEMASS

Messiah Marcolin is easily one of the greatest frontmen ever though his band Candlemass is considered for setting an Odyssey in doom metal, they didn’t step back and gave tribute to Black Sabbath in their 1988’s release Ancient Dream by this medley combining 7 songs “Symptom of Universe“, “sweet leaf”, “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath“, “into the void“,”Electric Funeral“, “Supernaut” and “Black Sabbath“.

4. Symphony of destruction original by MEGADETH covered by GOD SYNDROME

Good things are hard to find, though I have seen a couple of covers for this Megadeth trademark song I didn’t found anything as compared to this cover by Russian melodeath metallers ‘God Syndrome‘, I found it really underrated and without any doubt, it is one of the best covers I have ever heard.

3. Hellion Original by WASP covered by Children of Bodom

America’s one of the heavy metal pioneer WASP released this song in their debut album WASP. This song was later covered by the Finnish extreme metal band Children Of Bodom for their 3rd Studio Follow the reaper’s Special Edition in 2000.

2. Breaking The Law by Judas Priest Covered by Motorhead

No matter how many Breaking The Law covers have been performed so far. The Internet is full of Judas Priest Cover songs. Though This 80s British Steel can only be cut-throat by another sharp edge 70s British Motör! Hellyeah folks it is Motörhead. It has always been pleasing to listen to Lemmy Kilmister and especially a Judas Priest song that perfectly fits on Lemmy’s macho rule breaking personality. “Breaking The Law” was originally featured in “British Steel”; the 6th studio album of British Heavy Metal Giant “Judas Priest“, was released on 14 April 1980. On September 16, 2008, a Judas Priest tribute album “Hell Bent Forever: A Tribute to Judas Priest” was released. Featuring many bands covering Judas Priest Songs including “Breaking The Law Cover” by Motörhead.

1. Holy Diver Original by DIO cover by Killswitch Engage

This song was covered by the metalcore band Killswitch Engage for the compilation album High Voltage!: A Brief History of Rock for Kerrang! Magazine. Later this song was Re-Released in the fourth studio album As Daylight Dies as a special edition. In 2014, this song was Re-released on the compilation album entitled Ronnie James Dio This Is Your Life.

This is one of the most well-known Metal cover songs of all time. And For Every metal fan, DIO was a GOD. For the video visualization, KSE keeps the DIO spirit ALIVE using the same theme as the original. The Characters and costumes are great and keep you engaged watching the song till the end.

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