STONE SOUR Unreleased Song “Burn One Turn One,” Sounds Like SLIPKNOT

Des Moines, Iowa based Hard Rock band Stone Sour is going to re-release last year’s album Hydrograd as a two-disc set on August 31. The deluxe edition of Hydrogard will feature cover songs, B-sides that didn’t make the album, Live Tracks, acoustic takes, and alternate versions of the last year released album’s songs. The deluxe version will feature the 12 rare and unreleased songs including the Song #3 is the cover of the tracks from RATM, VAN HALEN, and SOUNDGARDEN.

You can also check the B-side “Burn One Turn One” now, This song sounds whole a lot like it could have been on slipknots’ last album .5 the Grey chapter and not because they share a common vocalist Corey Taylor.


You can also preorder the latest audition of HYDROGRAD on via Roadrunner Records. 

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