Stimulator - Thrash Metal Band from Kolkata

Kolkata based Thrash Metal band Stimulator Released it’s Debut Single

Kolkata based thrash/heavy metal act ‘Stimulator‘ has released their debut single last week. It is a 4-piece old school metal act consists of Debanjan Banerjee (vocals, a.k.a. Agitator), Rohit Chatterjee (guitar, a.k.a. Death-rig), Joy Samanta (bass, a.k.a. Rumbleforger) and Tanay Mistry (drums, a.k.a. Insane). They have chosen heavy metal subculture, appearance and gig-atmosphere as their theme this time. Their influence varies from Motorhead, Accept, Quiet Riot, Exciter to Kreator, Overkill, Metallica etc. They are the newest addition to the Kolkata’s old school metal scene and they are getting support and appreciation not only from the metal maniacs of Kolkata and their fellow bands like Mustang, Dreadhammer, The Neighbourhood Thrashers etc. but also from the past and current members of the old school metal veterans like Traitors Gate, Hirax, Whiplash, Culprit etc.

‘Stimulator’ is basically the brainchild of Debanjan and Rohit. They started planning to make a thrash metal band back in 2018. At that time, Debanjan used to jam with some other instrumentalists but he was not satisfied with them. So he approached Rohit and Joy, who used to play in some local bands, for making an old school thrash metal band. This trio started jamming together and got a new drummer and another guitarist and they appeared in few competitions at their hometown with this setup. At that time, the band was known as ‘Promethus’. Later those two members left and Debanjan approached Tanay to play the drums for their band and when he agreed, they decided to continue as four-piece setup, took the name ‘Stimulator’ and started blending thrash metal with heavy metal as their style.

Give a listen to their debut track:-

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