Soulfly’s Max Cavalera Turns 49 today

Max Cavalera the Brazilian vocalist, lyricist, and guitarist of groove metal band Soulfly was born on August 4th, 1969. He also plays the sitar. and also a co-founder of Sepultura, Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy, Nailbomb, and killer be killed.

Max is also known as Max Possessed. Max is in front of Latin heavy, thrash, groove, death, and nu metal. Max’s initial lyrics for Soulfly were influenced by religion and spirituality. In an interview max has supported Varg Vikernes’ church burning and stated that he supports church burnings 100 percent, but why don’t we just burn everything. Mosques, temples, all religious buildings.

In 2013, Cavalera released his autobiography, My Bloody Roots; his co-writer was the British author Joel McIver and the book’s foreword was written by Dave Grohl. Max is now living in Pheonix, Arizona with his wife Gloria Cavalera and five children. Max also collaborated with Nirvana’s drummer and frontman Dave Grohl in his metal project Probot to produce Red war.

Max is also included in Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, Max asked Gloria for a guitar and she chose a nice, red, 4 string, BC Rich. She also had a special memento…one that rightfully deserved its placement in the display.

Max’s extraordinary voice make him a Metal legend. Even he has collaborated with so many metal musicians including Rex Brown, Tom Araya – Slayer, Jonathan Davis – Korn, David Ellefson, and many more metal musicians.

All the best max for your upcoming world tours. And we hope that we will always headbang on your voice and songs as well.

And wish you very very Happy Birthday MAX CAVALERA !!

We also Collected some of the best quotes of MAX!! Here they are …


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