Pig Destroyer’s Head Cage Album + Unleashed ARMY OF COPS Video

After the six years of absence, the grindcore band Pig Destroyer recently launched the new single and made a come back with their upcoming album “Head Cage“.



PC: Pig Destroyer – Facebook Page

This time the band recruited it’s first ever bassist John Jarvis back and introduced a bit new sound.

“Head cage” is the combo of 12 heavy sound that is never experienced in earlier albums of band’s other albums.


Pig Destroyer - Head cage
Pig Destroyer, Head Cage Track Listing
1. Tunnel Under The Tracks
2. Dark Train
3. Army of Cops
4. Circle River
5. The Torture Fields
6. Terminal Itch
7. Concrete Beast
8. The Adventures of Jason and JR
9. Mt. Skull
10. Trap Door Man
11. The Last Song
12. House of Snakes

Head cage will be released on September 7th, 2018 as mentioned on the official page of the band. You can pre-order at Relapse Records.

Bang your head with the new song “ARMY OF COPS“, Listen below…


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