Myyths’ – Ling Of Shiva is Officially OUT NOW !!

Myyths is a four-piece experimental metal band from New Delhi, India. Formed in 2014 as Nfobea, the band underwent early line-up changes before settling with the current members. The band quickly added new tunes to their arsenal and started performing at the various battle of bands. What started as a hobby project swiftly turned into a serious partnership between each member of the band. At the start of 2016, the band decided to change their name to Myyths and evolve their style of music to playing more complex tunes. Since then, the band has resonated well with the fellow musicians and music followers in the local scene.


The band draws inspiration from early heavy metal music, inducing various elements from progressive to ambient; from heavy riffs to melodic lines. Addition of Indian classical music lines and unorthodox variations onto their music gives them their distinct sound.

Myyths’ focus has always been on hard-hitting lyrics, carrying messages important to the society. Their lyrics often focus on mythology and beliefs, corporate culture, religion, spirituality, philosophy, human evolution, social problems and occasionally alienation. The latest single by the band, Ling of Shiva is largely about hypocrisy being practiced in our society. The song talks about sex being a big taboo in Indian society, contrary to the known fact that Kamasutra was written in India. Also, the fact that Shiva followers worship a Ling which is a combination of a male’s and female’s genital part, the song takes a dig on our hypocrite approach. The important message behind the song is to change
our indelible mindset and start emphasizing on sex education; considering India is one of the largest populations in the world.

Myyths have worked with Keshav Dhar, who produced their first two singles, with Ling of Shiva being the latest. Check out their track:

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