Demigod’s first New Official – “CURE OF MY SICKNESS” is LIVE!!

TO appreciate the music, a listener doesn’t have to know about anything about the band or the artist who created that. It can only be enjoyed on a surface, Visceral level.

Demigod - Metalcore band from Jaipur

Today, The glorious metalcore quintet from Jaipur, India called ‘Demigod’ finally releases their long-awaited music video of their song ‘Cure of my Sickness’ from their debut EP ‘WHIPLASH MOTIF’.

These guys have been working their asses off which is very shrewdly executed and can be seen in their music video. The band aims to launch their EP by the end of July.

About the Song:
The music is basically an anecdote to a much wider sphere where how one deals with the misfortune, setbacks, and obstacles in any and every phase of life. A melodious melancholy which beautifully portrays the revival of an individual and how he/she can emerge into the light after being drowned in the dark.

According to Ravneet, “the song is an effort to make people realize that life is a lot more than one’s issues, be it love, affection, mental illnesses or any abstract concept which disturbs someone.”

The lyrics and the grooves are drafted and molded in a way which appraises and influences the audience to adopt optimism and acknowledge that there is hope for a new and better start every time. It urges its listeners to never give up.

The band members Ravneet Singh (Vocalist), Rishab Upadhyay (Guitar), Sanskriti Mathur (Keyboards), Ayush Sharma (Drums & Percussions) and Ayush Saxena (Bass) has brilliantly added their inputs to the music and video production of the song. Ayush Sharma on the percussions gave another level to the song, to which brilliantly composed guitar riffs gave the song a new dimension, Rishab’s djent approach to the song totally changed the way it used to sound with the earlier line-up. Sanskriti made a melodious entry into the band later which gave the brilliance of ambiance to the music, and Ayush Saxena finally filled the songs with mesmerizing bass riffs which aptly fitted the concept of the song.

CheckOut the song Here !! And Share !!

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