INFADUS – Metal band From Georgia


Band Origin – Tbilisi, Georgia

Band members:

David Dinoshvili (Guitars)
Beqa Gorgadze (Guitars)
Guga Afridonidze (Bass)
Sandro Potskhishvili (Drums)
Gio Xurcilava (Vocals)

Infadus is Georgia’s one of the most extreme bands. The concept of the group is a fusion of heavy/harsh sounds of death metal and dark/nyctophyllic ambiance with a progressive melodic style. Their debut album is dated for June of 2018. The band was originally formed in April of 2015. The next 2 years were dedicated to singles and to earning fame in Caucasus region.

Infadus - Intra Nether -Metal AF

After enough recognition in the Caucasus, the band decided to record its first album – “Intra Nether” and make the world hear their music. The basic atmosphere in lyrics come from giving life to abstract ideas. as if the time was a real person or the idea of justice, freedom and even love. the dialogues between the writer and those imaginary abstract ideas are the main style of Infadus’s lyric writing technique and as for the meanings, it’s mostly about the struggles, wars, chaos and most importantly peace – going on inside human’s soul. The music influence and inspirations come from such bands as Septic Flesh, Gojira, Dark Tranquillity, Death.

Intra Nether [FULL ALBUM], was recently uploaded on youtube on 24th June. You can hear them below:-

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