Aarlon’s Third Track PANCHHI is Officially OUT !! Listen Here!!

PANCHHI !!! The most awaited song from the Hindi Metal band is officially out now.

According to the vocalist Pritam Adhikary Goswami, this is the best ever vocal till date. Earlier the band already released 2 other songs from the first album HAIWAN, The other tracks were TU MERI MAUT & the title of the album itself “HAIWAN“. 

The video of the song PANCHHI is directed/produced by Sam Manas Barman. This song is written by the guitarist Piyush Rana and sung by the Pritam Goswami Adhikary who is popular for its metal covers of Linkin Park, BMTH and many more. Earlier in the 2018 Pritam also played  with MUTINY IN MARCH’s NEW SINGLE “F*CK THAT NOISE”

According to the band:

We are so proud of the sound that we have achieved here and how it has all come together. This song is an ode to mother earth and a blatant appeal to humanity that is all of us who are ruining nature beyond repair. The song screams out those implicit emotions that have never been felt by us. It’s for those countless souls that we are killing every day in order for us to become the fittest creature for all. It’s for the victims of man’s inflicted rage upon nature.

This is an appeal to every one of us to come together and stand out against the aggressive urbanization, accelerated erosion of nature and its resources and begin to conserve. An everyday single day we are losing our connection with nature. The green earth is becoming only grey by man’s urge to industrialize.

Hear the PANCHHI Here:-

Here’s the Lyrics of the song:-

Panchhi nadiya kinaare
baithe hue
(The birds are perching by the river)
Tukur tukur dekhe vo saare
Samjhe naa
(They are gazing into blank space with their innocent eyes)
Kya mera naam -2

Parindey ud gaye saare
Baithe hue
(The flock has taken flight and flown away)
Lautenge kab koi naa jaane
Samjhe naa
(But no one knows when will they return, they do not understand)
Kya mera naam
Kya mera naam
Unhe pata hai?
(Do they know my name?)

Raste raste sheher hain
(Cities prevail all around)
Faasle mit rahe hain kyun
(Why are the differences fading away?)
Asmaan ro utha hai kya?
(Is the sky wailing in grief?)
Kab zameen ko milega sukoon?
(When will the soil have peace?)
Pankh pinjron me band hai
(Wings are caged)
Khudkhushi kuchh kari hai yoon -2
(and now they are wishing to die out of misery)

Roshan hua aftaab
(The Light appeared)
Aur le bujha
Jahaan, parindo ka jahaan,
Kahaan hai vo jahaan? -2
(and took away the world of fowls with Him.)

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